Resizing Openbox Windows

Alt + Right Click resizes window! (At least in Openbox, I don't know about other window managers) This ground breaking revelation was shown to me by iggykoopa. Many thank yous, my man!

It's almost sad how ridiculously useful I find this. I use the Curdled windows theme and it has really really tiny window borders. Which is great because I like my screen real estate and want unimportant things like window borders to take up as little as possible. The only drawback, has been that it is really hard to hover a mouse over a pixel wide strip to grab and resize window edges. BUT NO MORE!

Just like holding Alt + Left Click lets you move whole windows, holding Alt + Right Click grabs the closest edge or corner and lets you resize. Shortcut Joy!


Anonymous said...

In Gnome that same thing can be gotten with Alt+Middle Click. And yes, it is such a useful tip. I reach for that (and alt move) probably the most out of anything while I am dual booted into Windows.

Oliver Schmid said...

Thanks for the Gnome tip Mike. I looked up a couple other window managers. Compiz and Enlightenment also use Alt+Middle. KDE's Kwin, Fluxbox and Xfce use Alt+Right. OS X also uses Alt+Right but I haven't managed to find a click and drag shortcut for Windows either.

Anonymous said...

Wow... What a revelation. Thanks for sharing!

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