Arch Quickest in Publish to Package

I've been relatively busy lately, planning my trip and hanging out with all the friends I won't see during my month away, and I've fallen behind on the blogging. I apologize, but I'm not sorry =)

Just thought I'd post an interesting link today showing just how fantastic Arch Linux is. Because of it's rolling release model, Arch is always trying to hold in its repositories the newest release of any piece of software. Open Source Watershed has some numbers now on just how fast Arch is kept up to date in comparison to other distros, especially those that don't follow a rolling release.

I find it very comforting to know that I have the latest version of a program. All the latest bug fixes, security updates and the newest features. I'm sure that major releases and serious bug and security fixes are released in a timely fashion in other distros but you can't beat an average of 2 weeks to repo packaging that Arch Linux has =)

For the interested, here are a few other Linux distributions that hold to the rolling release model.


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