Reenabling the Delete Key in Gnome 3 Nautilus

In Nautilus Gnome 2, the Delete key used to send selected items to the trash. To do the same in Gnome 3, you now have to use the shortcut: Ctrl+Delete. That's kind of annoying. To change it back, grab dconf-editor from the repos if you don't have it.
sudo yum install dconf-editor

Things To Do On Installing Fedora 15 And Tweaking Gnome-Shell

I've started using the beta of Fedora 15 (Lovelock) that uses Gnome-Shell and it is awesome! I really dig the new interface. It's clean and simple and stays out of the way. There are no menus to search through to open applications or common files and the integrated chat is just amazing. But it should still be considered beta software. Too many things that you would think were basic changes require command line tweaks or coding knowledge. There are a lot of settings that used to be easy to change in Gnome 2 that aren't easily accessible anymore. Gnome 3 is not yet ready for the computer un-savvy.