If you don't use it already, you've probably at least heard of the Firefox extension: Greasemonkey. Its a powerful tool that lets you use JavaScript to change the way webpages display.

I wrote my first Greasemonkey script last month. Really simple, its an auto-clicker for Free Software Daily. This is a great site that collects blog articles about free software. But clicking an article shows only a preview. To read the rest of the article you have to then click "Full story". So I automated the process, every time I visit an article preview page it forwards to the full article. I'm new to Javascript and don't know if my implementation is really the greatest but it works, which is good enough for me. Here's my script if your interested.

(If you've got a better implementation please post in the comments. The way it works now is that after the page is loaded it looks at every link to see if one says "Full story »" and then changes the location of the page to match. Is there a way to not go through the trouble of loading the page and forward directly?)

Other Greasemonkey scripts I use:
If you've got any favorite Greasemonkey scripts, feel free to post about it in the comments.

Update Dec 24, 2009: I mainly use Chromium now as my default browser and it has default Greasemonkey support. But I've scaled back the scripts I use to only fsdaily Redirect and Surf the Channel - Remove Ads. The rest are a bit overkill for what features they give that I actually use.


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