Firefox 3.5 Extensions

A few of my extensions are incompatible with the newest version of Firefox. So when I upgraded they got axed. Thankfully some have now returned or have been worked around.

Compact Menu 2:
The newest version (2.3.0) is compatible but still in sandbox. Enable experimental add-ons and grab it anyways.

Stop-or-Reload Button:
There's a similar extension called Smart Stop/Reload that has the same function but is compatible with Firefox 3.5. It even has a second delay (where the button is disabled) between switching from stop to reload function. This stops accidental page reloads.

DNS Prefetch:
This feature is now included and enabled by default.

This extension is still incompatible with 3.5 but all it really does is add GUI management of speed related about:config settings. These can be edited by hand. This BlogsDNA post has some suggested settings as well as other about:config hacks.

That takes care of all of mine. How have your extensions pulled through?


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