Transformers 2 and Merging

I saw Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen on opening night. It was pretty not bad. CG was amazing as expected, plenty of explosions and action and Megan Fox was hotter than ever. A few things I didn't like about the movie though (Warning: spoilers):
  1. A lot of it played like an ad for American cars.
  2. The rest of it played like an ad for the American Army, bragging about their superior technology and how they work so gosh darned well as a team.
  3. Tired and reused stereotypes. I admit parts of the black twin Autobots' act was pretty hilarious but the rest of it was lame and kind of embarassing.
  4. The old geezer transformer. WTF?! Did anyone else find him as annoying as I did??
  5. "The Matrix of Leadership"... bwahahahaha
  6. and finally how Megatron's master could teleport at will but decided not to when fighting Optimus Prime... and got his ass handed to him.
Yeah other than that, a pretty not bad flick. Good to kill brain cells and an evening, but it won't change your life. I'll give it 2 stars.

In other news, I'm going to import my better posts from my other blog over the next few days. I'll probably clean them up a bit too. Most of it was writen while I was using Ubuntu, so I'll add Arch equivalent commands to the posts. Enjoy.


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