New Blog!

This is my 2nd blog. The first was fun but based on too restrictive a subject matter. There are sooo many blogs already devoted to Linux tutorials out there. So I've created: We Are All Robots, a blog about anything I damned well please! Well almost anything, I'm a computer geek learning more and more about computers every day. A large part of my posts will obviously be about technology and my personal experiences with it. And I'll probably still write tutorials, because its fun to teach people something cool you've just discovered. And I'll probably write mostly about Linux, because its so freaking cool! So pretty much this is the same blog as the first but with a better name =P

A little about myself. Like I said, I'm a computer geek. If I'm indoors, chances are its in front of a computer. Naturally I'm studying computer science at my local university. I've just finished the second year of a BSc at the University of British Columbia (Canada), majoring in Cognitive Systems: Computational Intelligence and Design. Its a pretty new and exciting program all about the study intelligence (human, animal, vegetable and other forms) with a focus on programming computational intelligence (AI). If all goes as planned I'll be programming robots in a few years! Really I'd be interested in programming any kind of software that could benefit from more intelligent behaviour (all of them). In this economy, if you're hiring, I'm applying.

So let's start blogging!


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